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Scott Harding selected as ALL AMERICAN FRESHMAN Punt Returner

Scott Harding selected as ALL AMERICAN FRESHMAN Punt Returner

What a fantastic result that Scott Harding has been selected as All American Freshman Punt Returner for 2012.

After leaving the AFL and working with Prokick Australia, Scott started his punt returning skills by catching balls kicked by Scott Crough, (one of the biggest kicks in Australia)and then also by Alex Dunachie (Prokick Australia’s punter at Hawaii).

After catching balls from these two monster boots, i guess everything else seemed slightly easier.

Well done Scott on a fantastic year and lets hope that coaches across America come to realise there is amazing talent that can be accessed in other areas other than punting.  This is all being helped by the good work done by Scott and the likes of Jesse Williams who has just earnt himself a Championship ring.

I would also like to mention the Ground Breaking work done by Johnny Smith in getting Scott to Hawaii on a full scholarship, also the work put in by Dave Tuinvai at Conquest Fitness and also Coaches Jim Nendal and the legendary Mouse Davis.


And here is a fantastic link to an Aussies Abroad interview from Jason Bennett at ESPN with Scott Harding

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