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Prokick Australia thanks supporters below for their ongoing help in developing young Australian talent.





The Australian Turntable Company has been spinning the world for over 30 years.

What originally started as a local Car turntable company in Bendigo Victoria, it has now grown into a worldwide leader and installer of anything that needs to spin, this includes, Cars, Bedrooms, Restaurants, Trucks and much more, and all over the world.

ATC now supplies the Mining industry across the world with portable Mining Truck turntables which is helping companies create more product turnover, while helping them spend less money on infrastructure and also improving safety around work sites.

You can check them out on the link below.







Dave Tuinvai handles all of Prokick Australia’s fitness and strength needs.

Joining up with Prokick in 2009, Dave has been instrumental in getting our students prepared for the super intense world of College Football.

Dave has an amazing resume including working for the Melb Storm, the Tongan World Rugby 7s and also currently World Boxing Champion Sam “The King” Soloman.

An absolute master at his craft he also runs 8 week professional sports academy that is designed to give any player an edge when it comes to being prepared for their next sporting pre season.

you can check out Dave’s work at




We need to express our gratitude to the Monbulk soccer club for the continued use of its wold class facilities in aiding us develop amazing Australian talent and placing them into the US College system , into the Canadian Football league and also into the NFL.

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