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Testimonials from families involved in the Prokick Australia Program



Dear Nathan & John,

On behalf of Joanne and I, we would like to thank you both for your

fantastic program Prokick Australia.

The way you have both taught and guided Cameron along the way has been

outstanding. The positive enviroment with yourselves has brought out the

best in Cameron, from your many phone calls, emails, videos and your

willingness to help in any area. Your hard work in getting Cameron to Ohio

State University shows how well regarded Prokick Australia is in the USA.

Cameron has fitted in very well at Ohio State which is currently ranked no

2 and has a great chance to win the National Title. Cameron has been

involved in professional organisations in Australia but this just goes to

another level, amazing set up.

Cameron is so happy in the US and makes us as parents happy to know he is

doing something that he loves. You could tell in Cameron’s recent media

day how highly he rates the Prokick Australia program which we already

knew. We couldn’t be more happier with the way this has turned out and

thoroughly recommend Prokick Australia to any future participant. We look

forward to watching Cameron punt in front of over 105,000 people in

Columbus Ohio for The Buckeyes and finish his college degree.

This has been a fantastic life changing experience and once again we thank

you both for all your help and encouragement in not just the boys college

aspirations but also in generating a great bond between all concerned. We

wish all the boys in the USA the best of luck.

Yours Sincerely & keep up the great work

Paul & Joanne  Johnston


The Gleeson Family

Our son, Tim Gleeson had a disrupted final year in TAC under 18 football due to his sustaining a serious shoulder injury requiring surgery.  Once the disappointment of this had settled, Tim turned his mind to securing a university education, and how best he may achieve this in combination with his desire to involve himself in some form of sporting pursuit.

We had heard of a number of Aussie kids who had taken up sporting scholarships to American colleges to be punters is their football teams.    A bit of web research led us to Nathan Chapman, of Prokick Australia, who specialised in training and securing Aussie kids athletic scholarships in American colleges as punters and place kickers.   Nathan seemed very well credentialed with a background in two AFL clubs and also with experience as a punter with the Green Bay Packers following his AFL career.  Nathan’s business partner, John Smith also had considerable experience with American football, both in the European and American leagues.

A number of lengthy chats with Nathan followed and a session was arranged for him to assess Tim  to determine his suitability as a punter.  Nathan explained that most kids with an Aussie rules background had the raw ability to perform as a punter, provided they were dedicated and committed enough to learn all that was required.   For those prepared to do this Nathan explained that full and unconditional scholarships were on offer.    Nathan suggested a 12 month program for Tim during which he would deconstruct Tim’s ingrained Aussie rules kicking habits and then instil the American punting style.   Nathan had no doubts that following this Tim would be ready for an American College scholarship and was supremely confident that he could secure this for Tim.   Nathan is extremely personable and patient and has a wealth of knowledge about the technical aspects of punting.  Nathan and John both relate well to their students and have a very effective teaching manner.

Prior to committing to this program with Prokick we did some further research into other punting  programs on offer.  One in particular seemed more economical; however some further research suggested you get what you pay for.   Prokick had a proven history of placing Aussie kids in full scholarships and this was something that others could not lay claim to.  Sure students of other programs may have ended up attending American colleges, but they did so as fee paying students and not under the coverage of full scholarships.   I also took the time to speak to a number of parents of other punters that Prokick had placed in college scholarships.    All offered glowing endorsements for the Prokick Team not only for securing the scholarships, but also for the continued support and coaching that Prokick offered throughout their college placements .  We decided to commit to the Prokick program for Tim and now consider this to be a very good investment.

Under the tutelage of the Prokick program Tim’s punting improved markedly.   Whilst at the start he might hit the occasional good kick, he was soon kicking consistently and was readily achieving the required hang time and distance.   Prokick compiled a number of film clips of Tim and through their networks of associates started the marketing process.  Quite quickly a number of colleges then made approaches.   Prokick then assisted in determining the most appropriate college for Tim, not only in terms of academic and sporting offerings, but in the terms of the college being the right fit for Tim as an individual.

Tim has now accepted a full scholarship to the University of Wyoming and is very excited about  starting there in 2012.  We are deeply indebted to the Prokick Team who delivered exactly what they promised.  Thanks Nathan and John.

Sally and Steve Gleeson

Melbourne Victoria

Our Family’s Prokick Australia Experience

At the end of 2007 our son, Thomas, finished his Australian Rules football season with Calder Canons football club and chose not to continue in a sport he had played since he was 4 years old. This came as quite a shock to us as we’d spent many years attending practices and matches over that 14 years.

He announced to our surprise he would like to ‘have~a~go’ at playing gridiron (American football)……this mild interest grew as he contacted Nathan (Chapman) via email to ask how he would go about trying out and joining a club in the Melbourne competition. Nathan took quite a lot of interest in Thom’s previous football career and encouraged him to consider punting as an extension to his previous experience.

Thom went on to join Prokick Australia, training as a punter, so the late afternoon and early morning trainings continued for us but with a different code. It all seemed very different and exciting to be watching a code of football we knew very little about.

Nathan regularly travelled down to Victoria to coach Thomas, as 1 of a handful of boys with their sights set on the US college scene and John conducted many early morning sessions with regular 7am trainings at various venues.

As his ability and interest developed Nathan & John set in place the very real possibility of Thom attending a US college by working with a consultant who helped us sort through the numerous issues of college eligibility, SAT tests, visas, etc.

In February, 2009 John and Nathan felt Thom was ready to travel to the US to attend punting camps organized and operated by Ray Guy (Prokicker.com). Nathan accompanied Thom and 2 other boys to the US and introduced and promoted them as a new group of young Aussie punters, interested in playing at the College level.

Suddenly the possibilities, of which John & Nathan had constantly reassured Thom, were becoming a reality. Even if this venture had not progressed any further than this, Thom had experienced a fantastic life experience, thanks to Nathan & John’s skilled training, their dedication to their students, and their extensive professional contacts in such a specialized field.

However, Thom’s life experience did not stop there. Thanks to their widespread contacts (including many personal friends from their own playing days) Nathan & John spent many hours of negotiations with a number of US colleges and numerous phone calls to College Coaches around the US securing the best possible scholarship contracts for each of their students at that time (all 3 boys received offers of full scholarships).

John & Nathan have given and continue to give an amazing level of support to Thom, continuing to provide coaching when he is back in Australia for Christmas and university breaks, providing personal contacts in the US, establishing communication links with his US coaches and staying in contact through phone calls/ text messages and social network sites.

However, the most praiseworthy aspect of Nathan & John’s Prokick program is the level of communication and support they have given to our family. They ensure all our questions are answered satisfactorily, our concerns addressed and any little hiccups are dealt with as quickly as possible, and as parents we could ask for little more. They have shown a personal interest in Thom’s development, trying to ensure the best possible outcomes for his US College experience. Their level of professionalism is unquestionable, but their personal interest is both comforting and reassuring to us as parents, when our son moved so far from home.

With what started as just an interest in playing a few games of gridiron with a team in the Melbourne metropolitan competition our son is now into his junior year of university at Portland State University, Portland, Oregon. He is playing a sport he loves and gaining a university education at a very reputable US university, thanks to John & Nathan at Prokick Australia.

This is undoubtedly one of the most life~changing experiences Thom will have, being immersed in a different culture, living and playing football with other students from different states and countries, all while receiving a full scholarship which provides for his educational tuition, accommodation, some living expenses and his travel to games in other states.

It is difficult to express our gratitude to Nathan & John, for their encouragement of Thomas, their relentless negotiations, their professional approach, their guaranteed placement of students in reputable colleges at different levels, and their continued support for both their trainees and their families.

Nathan and John we thank you sincerely for all you have done for both Thomas and for our family and for your continued support.

Thomas Duyndam #30 Punter, PSU Vikings, Portland State University, Oregon

Duyndam Family ~ Tony, Glenyse & Brogan

Prokick Australia’s First Scholarship athlete

In the middle of 2008 Alex went along to a ‘biggest kick’ competition which was held by Prokick Australia founder and coach Nathan Chapman.  It was a wet and cold Sunday morning, Alex seriously considered staying under the Doona© but is now very happy he didn’t.

Nathan saw raw energy & strength in Alex & mentioned the real possibility of a career in punting in the US college system. To date Alex had only considered his sporting abilities to be utilised in the AFL.

It was only 2-3 weeks later when we met Nathan for the first time & he explained the opportunities available, to young athletes, in the USA. We had no idea about the US college scholarship system and it’s availability to overseas students. We also had no idea of American football- the only exposure I had was of the rather dated cartoon of The Archies which featured a none-too-intelligent quarterback!

Nathan is personable and enthusiastic, he did not pressure us but patiently explained to us what was available and how he could assist and train Alex. When we left the meeting we were excited but still did not appreciate the enormity of what Nathan and Prokick was offering our son, that came much later.  Alex continued to train with Nathan and John Smith, Nathan’s Prokick Australia business partner.

Unlike other parents, we did not know about the opportunities which were awaiting Alex, we were not quite ready to let our 18 year old leave home, especially to another country and we were still a little apprehensive about the reality of such an occurrence.  We found Nathan and John to be genuine & sincere and they were as enthusiastic as we were wary, they were as patient as we were impatient and they instilled confidence and optimism. We trusted Nathan and John and eventually went out on a limb with blind faith.

In February 2009, Nathan chaperoned 3 boys to training camps in the US- notably, all 3 boys were offered full scholarships in the US college system. Alex was flown to Hawaii on a recruiting trip in which he was offered a scholarship whilst he was there. The University of Hawaii coaches told me that Nathan and John had contacted them regarding Alex, had shown them the possibilities and it was considered to be a good cultural match up.

Prokick Australia don’t just ‘get’ positions for the boys, they retrain their kicking abilities, they continue to support them, even three years after placement and they match the boys to an area in which they feel the boys will thrive.

We can’t thank Nathan and John from Prokick Australia enough- for their guidance, patience & support in the past and for their continuing leadership in an area fraught with programs which offer quick wins.

Prokick Australia offer opportunities beyond our understanding & the support and friendship are for life not just a few months. I would recommend this program for anyone looking into a full collegiate scholarship in football in the United States.

With regards,

Gillian & Ken Dunnachie, Victoria. Australia

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