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Having the ability to play college football is one thing,  having the academics to be enrolled into college is another. These are areas that we must discuss to find the pathway that suits your personal situation.   

We can place guys into College who have completed yr 12.

We can place guys into College who have left school but NOT completed yr 12.

We can place guys into College that are currently at University here in Australia.

We can NOT place guys into a US College who have done more than 4 yrs of University here in Australia. (if you were a full time student)

Please be prepared to get your High school information for us to see. Yr 9-12 reports and any University transcripts you may have.

Once we have your academics and you have had an assessment, we can then discuss a pathway moving forward.

To join Prokick Australia, will be via INVITATION ONLY. If you are invited to join, you will be representing Prokick, yourself and Australia, when it comes to your character and performance in the classroom and on the field.

Character is everything.

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