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American College Scholarship

American College Scholarship

Prokick Australia has so far saved Australian families approx 9 million dollars in academic fees by placing students into US Colleges on FULL SCHOLARSHIPS.
Our first class college course will develop most students into college ready punters.
So far our program has successfully placed 50 punters into US Colleges and 95% of those have been on Full Scholarship.
The college scholarship is a fantastic way for Australians to enter the USA because we are keeping kids in school and having them further their education in their chosen profession and gives them the football experience that may lead to the NFL.
Prokick Australia aims to develop Student Athletes which makes the High school system in Australia vitally important and parents and kids need to be informed early of this so that they can plan accordingly.


Here is a look at College Football at its finest with over 100,000 people in attendance


To be College Eligible you will need to be currently completing yr 12 or have finished yr 12.  Your grades from yr 9-12 will be of importance therefore you will need to keep on top of your academic work as it can impact on the type of college you can go to.

If you have started UNI then we can also work with you in gaining the rest of your education through scholarship if you have the punting talent we need.

If you have NOT completed yr 12 and have left school to start a trade then there is still hope. We will guide you through the process to gain entry into a number of US Colleges.

During the course you will complete a SAT test and have other paperwork completed to have you college eligible by years end.

After our continued success on placing our guys on full scholarship we have had a number of colleges miss out on our students, who are lining up for next year, we have also discussed with a number of colleges about their punting situations and they will be offering scholarships at the end of the up coming season as they had no need for punters this fall but have already identified Prokick Australia as the place where they will source that need.

Make your way to a brighter academic/ sporting future by joining Prokick Australia, you will need to train hard, in order to prepare yourself for a college career, but  we do know how to get you there.

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