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When going to College, you will be either a WALK ON or a Scholarship athlete.

WALK ON, means you will pay your way for any expense involved with attending the university. You will have the chance to be put on scholarship while you are at College and will depend on your performance and opportunity.

What does a US scholarship football look like.

Being offered a scholarship at any level, D1A, 1AA, 2, NAIA, or Junior College, is an achievement, and they can come in many forms.

A Full ride, which includes Tuition, Books, Accommodation and Food, which can have a value upwards of $250,000. (D1A scholarships are all Full Scholarships)

A Partial scholarship, may include the Tuition, and Books but you may need to pay for Food and Housing. (this will vary depending on the College.)

For the record, Prokick Australia has had FULL RIDE scholarships offered for 92% of its athletes.

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